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El Aljibe restaurant: the flavour of Cuenca

Restaurante el Aljibe

Morteruelo, ajo arriero, pisto manchego… ¡at El Aljibe we don’t just have water!

This restaurant owes its name to the enormous cistern (aljibe in Spanish) found in the building during the rehabilitation works. Over 13ft deep and having almost 7000 gallons in capacity, it was used to store water in medieval times.

With a first-class culinary offer, El Aljibe restaurant offers a varied menu with local dishes that compete alongside Spanish dishes in a bright, large and exquisite decorated restaurant, under an impressive light wood ceiling.


Located next to Cuenca’s Plaza Mayor, during the day it is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or a snack. Late in the evening, the dim lighting and the relaxing music create the ideal setting for a nice drink.

Its access door is located next to an old medieval fountain. Just as you go in, large lit-up glass panels on the floor allow us to see the natural flowing of the water that used to supply the fountain.