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Our hotel has a lot of history and we want you to be part of it

Hotel Convento del Giraldo**** owes its name to the Tower of Giraldo, which was part of the cathedral complex. It is an impressive emblazoned 17th-century building built by the Martínez Kleiser family. Midway through the last century, it abandoned its civil status and became the Foundational House of the Madres Celadores Congregation.

It was a challenge to convert the most lordly and emblematic building of the Old Town into a space where the city’s visitors felt that they were being embraced by history without giving up all the modern commodities.

We did it with all the care and respect in the world. Now, after an intense and integral rehabilitation, the building is exhibited in its entire splendour, achieving an evocative atmosphere due to the perfect ensemble between a modern decor with surprising architectonic elements that were recovered, such as a medieval fountain and its pipes, a cistern and different crafts.

All of this history is intact; all that’s left is for you to be in it.