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Discover Cuenca

Hotel Convento del Giraldo invites you to discover Cuenca from the very Old Town itself. Don’t miss out on what this wonderful city can offer you!

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Gracia is one of those monuments that are a must-see in this city. It’s one of the first examples of Gothic art in Spain and it’s located on the Plaza Mayor, in the heart of the Old Town.

Distance to Hotel Convento del Giraldo: 220 yds.

Without doubt, one of the most beautiful and monumental squares in Cuenca. It holds the Town Hall, of Baroque style, the cathedral and the Convent of Las Petras, as well as many bars with terraces, perfect for a drink and a snack.

Distance to Hotel Convento del Giraldo: 300 yds.

The temple of the Religious Justinians of St Peter, also known as Convent of Las Petras, was built in the 16th century. This Baroque style convent stands out thanks to its magnificent elliptic dome and the pink colour of the building.

Distance to Hotel Convento del Giraldo: 300 yds.

Also known as casas voladas and casas del rey, the Casas Colgadas are the most characteristic monument in Cuenca. Located in front of the Hoz del Huécar, they currently hold a restaurant and the Spanish Museum of Abstract Art.

Distance to Hotel Convento del Giraldo: 400 yds.

It offers a permanent exhibition to the visitor (paintings and sculptures of Spanish abstract artists of the 50s and 60s) and temporary exhibitions. More information

Distance to Hotel Convento del Giraldo: 400 yds.

This fortress of Arabic origin was re-conquered by Alfonso VIII in the 12th century and handed over to the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th century. It is located between the two ravines of the river, a strategic location to defend the high part of the city. There are only some parts that remain of it, such as the Bezudo Arch at the entry gate, which preserves a shield with a fleece.

Distance to Hotel Convento del Giraldo: 130 yds.

In this city made of stone you will be able to admire the erosive force of nature on rocks, which have adopted the shape of curious objects, animals and even people. This is an outdoor experience that will surprise you, in the middle of the Mountains of Cuenca.

Distance to Hotel Convento del Giraldo: 15 miles